Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Doctor's Orders

This GC is inspired by one of my best friends - Kristine. I lived with this lovely lady for three years and have seen her go from barely knowing how to boil water to being a brilliant chef-in-the-making. She came up with this recipe after we took a trip to Boston and ate at this great cafe called TRIDENT. Although the ingredients were originally in the form of an omelette we decided to turn it into a grilled cheese!

So what'd we use?

-About 2 tabs of butter (enough to cover the outside of the sammie)
-2 pieces of whole grain bread
-6 very thin granny smith apple slices
-1 pinch of cinnamon and sugar
-3 thin slices of havarti cheese

The first thing we did was layer the cheese on both sides of the bread.

Next we tried to lay the apple slices evenly so it would make the sandwich more sturdy while it was grilling.

After we found we did a good enough job we sprinkled a pinch of cinnamon and sugar over the apples. I did this because I thought it would give the apples a little extra kick when it heated up. If you're not really an apple fan you could caramelize the apples using a tablespoon of butter, the apple slices, a tablespoon of brown sugar and a pinch of the cinnamon sugar. Just melt the butter over medium heat, add the spices and drop in the apples, cooking until tender and golden. This will make them more tender, less tart and damn good.

Then we put the pieces of bread together and slabbed on some real butter.

I put the heat to medium/low on my skillet and set my little buttered baby right in there. I chose this heat because I really wanted the apples to soften before the bread got crunchy. The cheese also melted slowly which helped tenderize the apples.

This probably cooked for about five minutes on each side. If you realize that the inside ingredients seem ready (the apples have softened and the cheese has melted) then you can always just kick up the heat to finish off the bread. However, if you like your apples crunchy feel free to put the heat higher to just melt the cheese and brown the bread.

After we pulled it out of the skillet, we let it sit for about a minute and sliced it with a very sharp knife because the apple peel was kind of tough! And it looked like this...

Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctors away. But, half an apple in a grilled cheese tastes a hell of a lot better!

Happy Birthday Teany!



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prosciuttous Maximus

After hanging out with my favorite boys the other day, they expressed the need for some serious meat time. Of course I had some new sandwiches lined up so I cooked them up this little salty treat. Oh, and my good friend Pete came up with the super masculine name of prosciuttous maximus. Love.

So to make this manly grilled cheese I used:

-a few slices of prosciutto
-a chunk of Taleggio cheese
-a handful of arugula
-sourdough bread (i know i use this a lot, but remember i'm a broke grad student!)
-extra virgin olive oil
-(optional ingredient: balsamic glaze)

The first thing I did was turn my burner to high and started to heat my press so I could get the bread extra crunchy.

After that, I sliced the cheese and laid it on. It was kind of hard to slice because it was pretty gooey, so I stuck it in the freezer for a minute to firm it up.

Next, I folded up the prosciutto and layered it on.

Then it was time for the arugula.

After it was all piled up I mushed the baby together and drizzed some olive oil on the skillet.

Then I put my little creation on the heat and let the fire do the work. I also put my press on the sammie to crunchify it.

When it was heated all the way through, I took the maximus off and sliced it up.

The boys seemed to enjoy the saltiness but I needed something to cut and balance it a little so i opted for a drizzle of balsamic reduction.

This one was great because it was just as beautiful as it was yummy!

Bon Appétit!



Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sweet Thang

Like most of us, my sweet tooth gets out of control A LOT. Additionally, like most of us, I had never really thought of a grilled cheese as something sweet to eat at the end of a meal. After this, my mind changed, and hopefully after you try this, your mind will change too!

So, what makes this sweet and salty combo so dang good?

-cinnamon raisin bread
-goat cheese (capricho de cabra goat cheese is what i used)
-real butter
-sliced almonds
-(optional - tupelo honey)

After I got all my ingredients I went ahead and spread a heaping amount of goat cheese to each slice of bread. Depending on your fondness to this tart cheese, use as much as you'd like. I LOVE IT, so I laid it on heavily.

Next, I added a layer of the sliced almonds (If you'd like you can add the honey at this point. I totally would have but I ran out). Then stick'em together!

After that, butter that baby and stick it on your skillet with the burner set to medium heat.

As this little guy heats up the butter will start to sizzle and the cinnamon sugar from the bread will caramelize and become extra yummy and pretty.

After it's nice and golden on each side and the goat cheese has softed, go ahead and pull the sammie off the skillet. You're going to want to slice it as quick as possible because it just smells so damn good.

Don't forget to share!



Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Luckily for me, I have a great cheese guy at Whole Foods in Union Square. He recommended this killer cheese because it tasted like the toppings of a baked potato. I, of course, went a little overboard and ended up with this a few hours later...

Before I begin, I have got to tell you about Cotswold cheese. This English cheese is made from whole milk and has chives and onions in it. IT smelled so good that I absolutely had to buy it! Look at how pretty the slices of chives are:

Ok, so, because this is called the OMFbakedpotato I had to be serious when I was choosing my ingredients. I decided to go with:

-Cotswold Cheese
-uncured bacon (the cheese is salty enough!)
-sour cream
-potato bread

To make this sammie true to it's name I smeared some sour cream on both sides of the bread.

And then I laid the cheese down on each side to make a yummy cheesy glue so the bacon wouldn't fall out.

Next I laid that crispy bacon down on the cotswold.

Once I pressed them together I spread some butter on the the outer pieces of bread (you can also just use sour cream for this part too, it works!) I put it on the skillet which was set on medium.

I let it sit on the stove untouched until it was bronzed, then I flipped that baby!

Once it was equally golden I took it off the stove and let it sit for about a minute (or I tried at least, it just smelled so damn good). Once I couldn't wait any longer I sliced it and witnessed the miracle of cheese melting occur before my very eyes.




Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pkiedrow's dream cheeeeee

My good friend Peter and I go to brunch EVERY WEEKEND. Unfortunately during these meals he has to listen to all my wild schemes about future endeavors. Today however, he came up with an awesome plan. He had the idea to take the original birds in a nest approach and then proceeded to blow my mind times ten by using aged gruyère, tomato chutney, and an eggy grilled on sourdough bread. Here is the lip-smacking result!

This is as easy and delightful as it looks and it only took these ingredients to get there.
-two pieces of thinly sliced sourdough bread
-one large egg
-grated aged gruyère cheese
-tomato chutney
-salted butter
-my all time favorite pink Himalayan salt

To begin we cut out a triangle in the center of the bread. We looked everywhere to find a cool cookie cutter but the weather was just so dreary we gave up and decided to cut a triangle with a paring knife. I still think it looks pretty even without the fancy shapes <3.

After that we sprinkled the gruyère on top of the bread and then drizzled the tomato chutney on top.

Then we covered the layers with even more cheese and laid the other piece of bread on top. We also decided to make a mini grilled cheese out of the triangle that we cut out.

Next we buttered the bread and placed it on the skilled which was heated between low and medium. After letting the bread warm up for a hot minute we cracked the egg into the cut-out triangle.

Let that eggy cook!

Once the egg was cooked about half way and the bread was a crusty golden brown we flipped the sammie really quick so the egg wouldn't pour out everywhere.

Once the yolk was soft and tender to the touch (we like our yolks runny) we took the scrumptiousness off the stove.

We immediately sliced that baby in half and watched the runny goodness pour out.

AND THEN, taadaa!!! we proceded to dip the grilled cheeeeee in the runny yolk and ate until we couldn't eat any more.