Monday, August 30, 2010

Olé, Y'aaaaaaaaaaaaal

Throughout undergrad at FSU (go noles! whoop whoop!) my Uncle Bro (who is the most bad ass chef you'll ever meet) would come over every Monday night to cook for me and my friends.  Although I live super far from Tallahassee, Bro and I still have super long conversations about food and he's always coming up with some really crazy ideas for my blog (be looking forward to the redneck eclectic...holy shit... ahh!!  coming soon!). So when I called him today while i was at the farmers market obsessing over all the super sexy tomatoes, he said "you should do a fried green tomato grilled cheese" and i was like "FUCK YEA!" So i did.  So with this little baby we fused our southerness with a little south of the border queso fresco and the results were seriously way beyond anything i was expecting.


- 3 tbs crumbled queso fresco
- 1 thinly sliced piece of cornbread, about the size
   of your tomato
- 2 pads of butter
- 2 fried green tomatoes!

The first thing you'll want to do is fry those green tomatoes.  If you've never done it before, click the link above in the ingredients area and go for it! It was my first time doing it all myself and it was pretty quick and easy and it was hellagood.  I also got some ready made cornbread from whole foods because I suck at baking i didn't feel like baking today.  It was pretty thin which is what you'll want, but you'll also want to use the outside as the inside on this sandwich.  That sounds confusing but basically you'll cut the cornbread down the middle and pile on half the cheese on the side that was baked.  This is confusing me just writing about it, but you'll see in the picture below what i mean.

 See? The freshly cut side will be the buttered side at the end.  Whatever, i'm sure it won't make much of a difference if you do the wrong side. Now lay on the fried green tomatoes!

EEeeeeeee! So cute.  Now put on the remaining cheese and try to get it as close to the middle as possible cause this is a pretty tall sammie.

Then put on the top piece of cornbread the same way as the first one and turn the skillet up to medium heat.

Now melt one pad of butter in your heated skillet and lay that baby carefully in. My cornbread started to fall apart and it started to get ugly, but there was no going back. So, I went with it.

When it was ready to be flipped, I picked it up with my spatulla and threw another tab of butter in. Be careful because it gets super crumbly.  When it was golden brown and lovely on both sides I took it off the stove.

 This GC was a complete mess but it was muy delicioso! I hope you enjoy it!



Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Bedforder

About a month ago I moved out of the city to Williamsburg.  Although I miss the convenience of being close to whole foods (specifically my cute cheese guy) and a million other little gourmet markets, I found one of the best cutest cheese shops EVER.  Bedford Cheese Shop is super amazing and the staff is lovely and helpful and adorable.  Yes, adorable omg i melt. Oh and they let me bring my lil pup Olly in while i'm shopping around and I love that!  The cheese they recommended was amazing and i just so happened to make a grilled cheese out of it. Weird right? HA.

So this is what I used!


- Sharfe Maxx cheese!
- 1 cooked chicken apple sausage
- 4 pieces sliced french bread
- 2 pads of real salted butter

So this cheese def has a really funky ripe smell.  Some of you might be turned off from eating this because it smells like ass but i'm not kidding when i say this stuff is delicious.  It is super rich but, very smooth and cream cream CREAMY. It melts like a snowman in july (but not as watery if you didn't figure that out already).  Back to the recipe! It's not that complicated, but we'll begin by lying the cheese on the bread!

Now isn't that pretty? Now lay some of the chicken apple sausage down on two of the pieces.  Don't forget to cook it though, i don't want anyone dying from this extreme GC...

Ahh!! it just keeps getting better (that may also be because my friend Liam is staying with us and he has a super dope camera).  After that, put the ones without the sausage onto the ones with the sausage  and add some butter (not pictured - sorry when i'm hungry i can't really think straight).

So this cheese melts wonderfully but I wasn't sure how fast it would melt so I had my burner set to a medium heat. It worked pretty good. After they were buttered on one side I put them butter side down into the hot skillet.

You know that beutiful brown that always happens and that I've mentioned on yeah that one... well once it gets there, flip it!

So melty and good so far.  I wish I had more cheese to make one right now but i don't. WaAaahHHHH! Enough of the cry baby bit though, once it's browned on both sides take it off the skillet it and eat it immediately!

If you live in the NYC area you should def check out this store.  I am in love, it's official.  Oh and if you don't, you can buy a cheese subscription and they'll mail you cheese each month! WHAT A GREAT GIFT IDEA! hint hint....

For your Health!



Saturday, August 14, 2010


If you had to guess my second favorite food what do you think it would be? I'll give you a little hint, it's almost exactly like a grilled cheese but a wee bit different..... give up? Ok, alright, yeah fine i'll tell ya. The answer is mac n cheese! Surprised? haha I didn't think so but whatever.  Because I'm such a freak about cheese being melted on anything (and because my friends were wondering what the fuck i was thinking for not having posted this yet) I've combined my loves to create one special meal.  I know it's sexy but please don't do anything weird. k thanks.

So this sexy sammie is loaded with some serious goodness.


-2 slices of brioche loaf
-2 pads real salted butter
-2 velveeta cheese singles
-1/2 cup left over cold mac n cheese (I used penne bc i thought it would be prettier for the sammie)
-1 tsp garlic salt

So you know how mac n cheese always gets gross after it gets cold? Well this sammie is a great solution to that problem. The first thing you'll do is to open the velveeta singles and lay one on a piece of bread.

After that you'll want to pile on the mac n cheese.  Make sure to make it sort of level so it can all cook evenly.  I, of course, was snacking on the penne the whole time but I managed to make it through with a one noodle high level and it worked perfectly.  If you were using different pasta I'm sure that it would work out just fine as well.

Super pretty right?! I'm getting hungry just making this post.  Anyway, back to the recipe.  Put the other piece of velveeta on top and eat the rest of the mac n cheese!

Almost done! Put the other piece of bread on top and turn the heat to medium and put on your pan to let it warm up.

Now that you've got it together and your skillet is heated up butter one side of the brioche and sprinkle half the garlic salt on top.  Then put it butter side down in the pan.

So I let mine cook for about a minute and a half on each side which allowed the cheese to melt, the mac n cheese to warm back up, and created a beautiful golden crust to encase this delicious gooeyness.

Because this bread is so high in fat (lots of eggs and butter) content it will brown really quickly so be careful and check it every once in a while.  After it gets nice and crusty on both sides remove it from the stove top and cut it immediately!

I hope that you're saturday night is just as exciting as mine.  You, the GC, and the mac n cheese will definitely make one hell of a threesome.  Enjoy and use protection.



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Quencher

Omg it has been way tooo hot here.  So hot that I haven't really had an appetite or the willpower to stand in my kitchen and sweat my ass off (ohh, new york summer).  Hard to believe, right? I know gahhh it sucks but this sammie is great because it takes about two minutes once it's on the stove and there's some dried fruit in there that is super refreshing.

Ok so this yummy little guy has some great flavors going on and this is what I used:


- 2 pads real butter
- 4 ounces apricot stilton
- 1 tbs dried cranberries
- 2 slices whole wheat bread

Before you start to make this sammie you'll want to crumble and set out the stilton to let it get to room temperture.  This allows it to melt quicker and it helps you avoid sweating like a pig in a bacon factory.  Once it's room temp, go ahead and pile half of the cheese onto a slice of bread.  Remember to center it more in the middle to avoid the ooze.

This cheese is waaaaaay too good to not nosh on but try because think about how good it will be when it's all been melted to gooey perfection.  Ok anyways, back to the subject, sprinkle on the cranberries!

If your willpower has worked, at this step you should sprinkle on the rest of the stilton.  If not, just push the cranberries down into the cheese and hope for the best.

Almost done! Put on the top piece of bread and turn up the heat to medium high.

Now my favorite part, BUTTER!

K, now put it in the pan butter side down.  Once you've done that spread the remaining butter on the other side of the GC.

Let it cook for about 1.5 minutes on each side or until it gets that beautiful crust like in the picture below.

Once it's like that on both sides take it out of the pan and cut immediately!  Stilton won't really melt like a cheddar or brie but it will get warm and sort of fluffy if that makes sense. Whatever.  I don't really know how to explain this goodness but believe me this sammie makes dying in the kitchen all worth it.

Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom.