Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thin me up and watch me go!

Over break I ate way, way, way too much.  I don't know if this had something to do with the fact that my mom's a food-pusher (someone who makes delicious food all day long and forces you to eat when you're not hungry) or that I didn't really have a whole lot to do.  Either way, I've got to fit back into my favorite pair of skinnies and this isn't an easy feat when you've got a grilled cheese blog to run.  So, even though I could care less about making healthy grilled cheeses, I've crossed over to the dark-side and made my take on a semi-healthy grilled cheese, and surprisingly enough, it's absolutely delicious!


- 2 pieces of balthazar whole wheat bread
- 1/2 small avocado, sliced
- about 7 small peppadews 
- 3 tbsp of crumbled goat cheese
 - 1/3 cup of organic honey roasted turkey breast   (thinly sliced, i used Applegate Farms)
- a few sprays of cooking oil spray (like pam!)

When I first made this grilled cheese I had this awesome delicious multi-grain bread with whole sunflower, flax, and sesame seeds (which made me feel like I was being even more healthy). But unfortunately the L train is running super slow because of the crazy blizzard we had last night and I didn't feel like going back into the city and dealing with it. So alas, I'm using some bread that I got at the health food (Khim's!) store across from my apartment. It's whole wheat and tasty, but not as good as the seedy bread I got at Trader Joe's. Anyways, once you've got your bread out, go ahead and sprinkle half the goat cheese onto each slice of bread. 

Now on one piece of bread pack on your avocado and on the other put down your turkey.  You'll want to press the avocado and turkey into the goat cheese so it sort of sticks together. 

This is where the recipe differs from all the other grilled cheese sandwiches I've done on this blog - you don't put the pieces of bread together! Instead you spray your skillet with some cooking oil and turn the heat up to medium high.

Then after it's heated, put both halves into the pan and kind of rub them around in the cooking spray so it coats the bread evenly. 

 After about 3 minutes the bread should look kind of toasty and golden.  At this point you'll want to take the halves off the stove top and break apart the peppadews and lay them on top of the avocado.  If you've never had a peppadew, you're in for a treat.  These little guys can usually be found on the antipasto bar at your local market.  They're sweet and a little bit spicy and SUPER addictive

At this point you'll have all your ingredients on the bread so you'll want to pick up the side with the turkey and basically just plop it on top of the avocado/peppadew side.  The turkey will stick to the goat cheese so it won't fall off! HOORAY!

Then just slice it down the middle and enjoy!

I'm not sure if anyone else is still trying to get over the seasonal pound packing that I've so helplessly endured, but if you are - this grilled cheese is sure to please!  And don't forget, bathing suit season is right around the corner (HELP) and by eating this GC you won't have to neglect this favorite any longer (remember, grilled cheese loves you).



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Marley

Omfg I think South Florida's getting to me.  I went to a reggae bar this week and actually really had a lot of fun. Usually when a Bob Marley song comes on I roll my eyes and try to gab about how played out this stuff is, and how they should listen to The Slits and Bad Brains and shut the eff up. But after seeing me dance around like a 15 year old the other night, you might question my previous opposition.

But thanks to Mark and Susan (same people who gave me the green cheese from Amsterdam!), i was given an awesome idea about a Rastafarian grilled cheese and some crazy RED cheese.  So go ahead and put down your chalice and get lifted ready to nyam sum dankness.

Praise Jah!?  Eehh, yeah whatever, go ahead, but also praise cheese for this far out sammie.


-2 slices of marble rye bread
-2 pads of salted butter
-1 tbs of jarred sweet yellow pepper bruschetta
- a few slices of green pesto gouda
- a few slices of red sundried tomato pesto gouda

Before we start, let me just tell you that this grilled cheese does not in any way represent African cuisine, but rather, is inspired by the super-dope Rastafarian colors.  Although I couldn't think of any specific black foods (besides olives, but i hate them) that would be appetizing in this grilled cheese, I decided that the marbled rye sort of looked like tie dye and and would be tasty with the salty pesto cheeses. So of course, i went with it. 

Anyways, first things first - pile on some of that red sun-dried tomato pesto cheese to symbolize the blood of the people (yeah we're getting deep today).

Disclaimer: I have no idea if you can find this (or the green pesto cheese) in the states because I've never really looked (ahh how lucky I am to get gifts of international cheeses).  Sorry to brag, but the company that makes them is called Polderkaas and they sell some of their cheeses on Cracked Kettle maybe if you're lucky (or really driven to find this delicious stuff) you can ask them to special order it for you or just suck it up and travel to Amsterdam (and take me, of course).

Next, it's time for the sweet yellow pepper bruschetta to represent the gold and the richness of Africa. Feel free to make this stuff yourself or even just use roasted yellow peppers, but I bought a jar of it at the grocery because to be honest, I'm on winter vacation and I'm still abiding by my mantra to be as lazy as possible.

Now it's time to pile on some of that awesome green cheese to represent the land and vegetation!  Remember it from the Green Haze post a while back? (Same stuff, just different lighting)

Now put the other piece of tie die bread on top and praise Jah.

Now if you're still on the same level as me, heat up a pad of butter in a pan on medium heat and place the sandwich in.

I always put the butter for the other side of the bread on top to help soften it so I can either smear it on or just move it around in the pan when I flip it so the butttttah can spread out evenly. Then when it's nice and golden you can flip it!

You probably know what to do next, but if it's your first time or you've indulged a little too much in this spiritualistic way of life, i'll remind you.  Flip it when it's golden and crusty on both sides.

Alright all you rude bwoys and rude gals (is that right? sorry i'm new at this), get down to your indigenous roots and make Haile Selassie proud. <---joke.