Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Slow Dance

I know, I know, it's been a long time and I'm sorry. I could spend the next few sentences explaining my lack of grilled cheesiness but I'd rather not. Let's talk about something better. Something new and weird and sort of exciting. Sounds good, right?

Alright, well let me just think about what I want to talk about.

Oh right! Exotic Corn dogs! That's it. Think about it. Are you getting hungry yet? I know that it may sound like the name of some kitschy male stripper joint in South Florida, but I'm talking about the real thing here. No leopard print g-strings (ehhh, maybe, we'll get back to that), oiled up pecs, or bulging private parts, but instead, imagine a savory apple and pork sausage, skewered, dipped in a rosemary infused corn dog batter and then deep fried to golden perfection. I'm getting horny hungry just thinking about it.

You might be asking yourself "What the hell is she talking about?" so let me give you some more background info. I've been wanting to open up a cutesy little grilled cheese spot for some time now and ever since Smorgasburg opened (a Brooklyn based taste-orgy that goes on every weekend) I thought it would be awesome to have my own little booth. Unfortunately there's already a grilled cheese spot, Milk Truck (enter bizarre anger video here), so I can't open up a booth based on my one true love. But when I went there and blew all of my money over the weekend, I had a revelation. Just because I can't do GC's doesn't mean that this dream of mine has to be crushed like that time when I was twelve and found out that Furby's aren't cute but instead absolutely horrifying. Nope. So on Saturday afternoon, my friend and I spent about 8 hours daydreaming/obsessing over opening a fancy pants corn dog spot because, I mean, why not? And how awesome does that sound? There's about a million awesome combos and you can even make the sticks cool! Needless to say, it got kind of weird with that one.

Which brings me to this: How good would this little grilled cheese be, which is made up of broccoli, bacon, and mustard seed and ale cheddar cheese, as a corn dog. AH!