Thursday, February 14, 2013

Moons Over Morocco

As I'm writing this in seat 11H of flight 201 to Casablanca, I've compacted my arms as tightly as they can be to my body so much so that I'm typing like I'm a Velociraptor or something. I have absolutely no space to spread my wings and there's a flight attendent that keeps wheeling by me with a ciggarette cart (why are they selling cigs on this flight??) and she keeps sneaking up on me and hitting my funny bone - just like that scene from The Wedding Singer. The turbulance has been pretty gnarly for the last 30 minutes, and the bumpiness has me seeing double. The balding man in front of me keeps slamming his seat back so hard that the bottom of my keyboard keeps jabbing me in my stomach, which is way too uncomfortably full from pizza flavored Combos, peanut butter m&ms, and warm Coca Cola.

Yeah, I know, I'm sorry that I'm whining about how unpleasant my current situation is, but there are some fun things going on too. I'm really excited about this strange wall-mounted crib that's holding a cute little chubby baby next to me. It makes me wish they made one for people my size. I'd totally pay extra for that. The airline is also playing episodes of Friends which was really relatively cool until I plugged in my headphones and realized it was dubbed over in Arabic. I've also got a shit ton of new music on my iphone that's almost dead and I'm jamming out to some bassed out electronic music that makes me feel like I should be rolling in da club or something. I'm trying not to dance but I just can't help it, maybe that means it's time to switch over to something more chill, like that new Unknown Mortal Orchestra album or something.

In reality though, I think I might be going crazy. Why am I so antsy? Why am I so insanely itchy? Gah, it's so hot and I have a headache from squinting because I decided to buy the version of "Consider the Lobster" that has the smallest font visible to the human eye. I've got 4 more hours before we land and I am ready to get the F off of this plane. It's hot as hell up in here and everyone has warmed me not to show my shoulders and what did I wear on the plane? A stupid sleeveless shirt. I know, i know,  it's a noobie mistake but I've never been this uncomfortably hot on a plane before. I'm always freezing cold and the sleeveless shirt was meant to hide under my over-sized cardigan that I never thought I'd have to take off. I am anxious in ALL THE WAYS. Especially about traveling to Morocco....alone.

But enough griping, I'm truly so excited about this trip and if you want to follow me and see my adventures you can find me on Instagram @grilledcheesesocial. I'm also excited to share this recipe with you - that is not exotic in any way, shape, or form but it is super good and a solid sandwich.  Smoked Wisconsin Swiss cheese, honey baked ham, cranberry jam, and a sweet and buttery Hawaiian roll make up this delightful GC.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Green Corn Tamale Mac and Cheese

Today is absolutely disgusting in New York. Cold rain, sloshy grey snow, and a layer of smog that just instantly makes you depressed is looming over us. Every time I close my eyes, I'm basically dreaming about summer and all of its day drinking and eating by the Williamsburg waterfront. But instead of being all depressed, I've got a cure for today's gloom and doom and of course, it's in the form of a recipe.

Every year, I help make a bomb ass dish for Wisconsin Cheese's 30 Ways 30 Days (which basically gives you 30 different mac'n'cheese recipes for 30 days). This years inspired comfort food might just be my favorite because it has everything to do with summer. And let's face it, when it's 40 degrees outside and there's grimy weather ruining your state of mind, warm days spent in the sun while chowing down on delicous food is really the only thing that matters.

You can find my article [here] or just check it out below!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Comeback

If you follow GCS, you're probably well aware that I've been slacking. Like majorly slacking. This isn't because I've given up on my blog or website or whatever you wanna call it, it's because I've grown up. And by grown up, I mean that I got a real person job. I go to work Monday through Friday, 9-5 and I write/internet about food for this awesome website Depanneur. It's everything I wanted! Everything except the giant windows of free time that I once had. It's so weird being a "real girl" and not being able to get drunk sleep until 2 pm on a Tuesday. My life that was once so simple, is now a regimented schedule that makes me feel like I should be settling down or something, but that's not going to happen. My goal is to live everyday like it's summer vacay, so let me fill you in on what's been going on in the world of MacKenzie Smith and GCS.