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The Sweet Stuff
For Meat Lovers 
     The Singles Special - crumpet, taylor ham, tater tots, lacey swiss and colby jack      The Bushwick Painkiller - waffles, fried chicken, kraft singles hot sauce and honey The Mother Teresa – Brie, maple bacon, and pear on cinnamon sugar pop-tarts
For Veg Heads
·      The (F)unemployment Special – brie, fig spread and rosemary butter on pound cake
·      Little Boy Blue – Morbier, Asher blue cheese, tupelo honey, and pear on English muffin
·      La La Love you – mascarpone, nutella, whipped cream and strawberries on French toast challah bread
·      The Smith – mascarpone and apricot jam on brioche French toast
The Savory Stuff
For Veg Heads  
     The Singles Special - crumpet, taylor ham, tater tots, lacey swiss and colby jackThe Bushwick Painkiller - waffles, fried chicken, kraft singles hot sauce and honey      The Morning After - Wisconsin gouda, eggs, sriracha, avocado, casa bolo melange cheese, multigrain cheese            The Cure All – goat cheese, scrambled eggs, and arugula pesto on multigrain bread
·      Vegetarian
·      Team Cream – cream cheese, thyme, and baby heirloom tomatoes on an everything bagel
·      Pkiedrow’s Dream Cheeeeee – gruyere, tomato chutney and egg on sourdough
The Sweet Stuff
For Veg Heads
·      The Sugar Daddy – Gjetost, apple butter, apples, and cinnamon sugar on cinnamon raisin bread
·      Pre-Turkey Meltdown – Tillamook Pepper Jack, and apple butter on a croissant
·      Cheesecake Heaven – cheesecake, strawberry butter and nutella on brioche
·      The Cheese Knees – Oscypek cheese and strawberry jelly on white bread
·      The Quencher – apricot stilton and dried cranberries on whole wheat
·      Sweet Thang – Goat cheese and toasted almonds on cinnamon raisin bread
The Savory Stuff
For Meat Lovers
     The Doff - Yancey's Buffalo wing cheese, chorizo dulce, cornbread, and celery salt mayo            Gouda Times - Wisconsin Gouda, bratwurst, sweet and spicy mustard, pretzel roll      The Wayfarer - BBQ pork, Caramelized onion cheddar, pickled jalapenos, mayonaise, smoked paprika, hamburger bun      The Slow Dance - bacon, mustard seed and ale cheddar, broccoli, foccacia      Tommy Guns - Sartori Pastorale Cheese, arugula, cacciatorini, multigrain, olive oil      Roast BFF - roast beef, red rock cheddar blue, roasted red peppers, pullman loaf      The “I’m never eating again” sandwich – gruyere, mashed potatoes, turkey, and cranberry mustard on a roll
·      The Frumpy Dumpling – Ricotta, Gouda, pumpkin puree, sage butter, and bacon dumplings
·      The Osceola – Tillamook Cheddar, McClures Pickle Chips, and sloppy joe mixture on a brioche bun
·      Brave Little Toaster - muenster cheese, speck, and sweet and spicy pickles on white bread
·      The Beesting Remix – mozzarella, hot sopressata, basil infused honey, red pepper flake butter on batard
·      Holy Hock – comte, rosemary ham, pineapple, smoked salt, and cultured butter on white bread
·      All American Pleasure Bender – Kraft singles, hot dogs, and asian slaw on Texas toast
·      The Khalcheesi – iberico cheese and sausage stuffed baby pepper on ciabatta
·      Little Devil on Horseback – blauschimmel cheese and bacon wrapped dates on French bread
·      Senor Snappy – queso, pickled jalapenos, red onions, roasted pork, and plantains on bolillos
·      The Crow – Swiss cheese, fried hogfish, red onion, lemon, and thousand island on seeded rye
·      Pizza Party – Parmesan, mozzarella, basil, pizza sauce, garlic butter and pepperoni on focaccia
·      Thin Me Up & Watch Me Go – goat cheese, avocado, peppadews, and honey roasted turkey on whole wheat ·    The Homebody - Gouda, Herrgard, ham, sweet gherkins, honey mustard on grain bread
·      Thanks'gibbons – brie, mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry jalapeno jelly on a biscuit
·      Cheddar Cheddar Bang Bang – Cheddar, candied bacon, and pickled jalapenos on a whole grain croissant
·      The Meatwad – Rosemary Asiago and meatballs on onion bread
·      Blue Buffalo – cream cheese, cheddar, blue cheese, franks hot sauce, chicken, and blue cheese on French bread
·      The East Villager – Gouda, bacon, and butternut squash on lard bread
·      The Bedforder – Sharfe Maxx and chicken apple sausage on French bread
·      The Sloppy P – Kraft singles, sautéed onions, hot dogs, and chili on wonder bread
·      The Out-of-Towner – gruyere, swiss, salami, and basil on French bread
·      Prosciuttous Maximus – Taleggio, prosciutto, and arugula on sourdough
·      OMFbakedpotato – Cotswold cheese, uncured bacon, and sour cream on potato bread
For Veg Heads
·       BARACKli Raben Hood - goat cheese, balsamic glaze, charred broccoli rabe, roasted garlic, pita, olive oil        The Buffer - feta, red pepper relish, spinach, parsley butter, wholegrain bread      Fondue Me - gruyere, emmenthaler, apple cider, worcestershire      Braata Braata - No Woman Jerk Cheese, green tomato relish, ginger butter on rye bread
·      Ellie Green Bean – camembert, green beans, French onion butter, and sautéed mushrooms on a baguette
·      The Burnt Gardener – Burning Melance Gouda, sun dried tomatoes, and citrus herb butter on olive bread
·      From Meme & Me – Fontina, beefsteak tomato, herbed butter, on white bread
·      The #1 Dormmate – comte, gruyere, ossau iraty, and stilton on whole wheat bread
·      Cool Dude Cappy – goat cheese, eggplant caponata, and mint on multigrain bread
·      The Old Lady – Pimento cheese and sriracha on baguette
·      Marco Polo – manchego, pickled jalapenos, roasted corn, lime, and smoked chile butter on Texas toast
·      Lettuce & Feta – Nothin’ Betta’ – feta, sautéed red onion, grilled romaine, and balsamic glaze on sourdough bread
·      The Badger Poutine – cheese curds, French fries, and gravy on beer bread
·      Pretzel Logic – Sweet Grass Dairy Black Swan cheese, chow chow, and sweet and hot mustard on a pretzel roll
·      Grilled Chees’a’dilla – cheddar, black beans, pineapple, and cilantro on flour tortillas
·      Mr. Lucky Duck – Swiss, sweet and sour cabbage, and fried tempeh on rye
·      The Marley – Pesto Gouda, Sundried tomato Gouda, and sweet yellow pepper bruschetta on marbled rye
·      HodgePodge – goat cheese, sautéed kale and mushrooms, and roasted beets on white mountain bread
·      The Old Goat – Tome Chabrin, roasted yellow peppers, and whiskey mushrooms on wheat pita
·      Green Haze – Gouda Pesto, sautéed garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic butter on miche bread
·      Cheez-on-Indian – Paneer, pickled vegetables, and yellow curry sauce on garlic naan
·      Fabrice Fabrice Caprese – Mozzarella, basil, balsamic glaze, garlic and tomato on olive oil ciabatta
·      The Asparagustus – Laguiole Affine, caramelized onions and roasted asparagus on sourdough
·      Ole Y’aaaaaaaal -  queso fresco and fried green tomatoes on cornbread
·      MacNcheesy – velveeta and macaroni and cheese on brioche
·      Hampton’s Heat – Mecox Cheddar, roasted artichoke hearts, and hot pepper infused oil on sourdough
·      Summer Lovin’ – brie, sliced figs, tupelo honey, and pine nuts on French bread
·      Midnight Soldier – Goat cheese, caramelized onions and truffle oil on a baguette
·      Doctor’s Orders – Havarti, apple, and cinnamon sugar on whole grain
·      Go Fig’ger – Sottocenere (truffle cheese), fig spread, and baby arugula on sourdough


  1. I love the new photo! Beautiful!!

  2. Can you please open a restaurant? I promise you'd have at least one regular!

  3. I second the request to open a restaurant, it would have to be in the LA area, then I'd be a regular too. Must ask, are there cheesy drinks?!

  4. Wow, just discovered this blog through an emailed link. I think I am in love with you MacKenzie! :)


  5. Since you are the cheese guru, I suggest you making a grilled cheese dedicated to Wisconsin since we are the cheese capital of the world and all!!

  6. Some day, you've got to visit Cleveland and go to the Melt restaurant in Lakewood. They are one of the most popular restaurants in town (you always have to wait for a table) and the menus is all variations of GC sandwiches. At least, google them and check out their menu!

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